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OML - founded in 1980 - designs and manufactures bath furnishing accessories. It stands out for its absolute product and service quality. OML is certified since 1997 to UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2008, thus giving its customers a further guarantee of an excellent internal organisation. Our catalogue currently includes 20 product lines and more than 7500 items, which are manufactured using the best available materials, such as chrome plated brass, stainless steel, anodised aluminium, blown glass, moulded glass, ceramic, polycarbonate and polyester resin. All our products are covered by a three-year warranty.

CEI standards
We are extremely aware of and pay great attention to European rules and regulations when producing and supplying safe, quality goods to our clients, so we believe it is appropriate, and our duty, to inform you that all our electrical products: ceiling and wall lights, whether wall or mirror mounted, present in our catalogue, have been tested and checked for electromagnetic compatibility at the official “Leopoldo Nobili” Reggio Città Degli Studi SpA university laboratories. These products have been shown to bhown to be standard and compliant with Directive 89/336/EEC (EMC) electro-magnetic compatibility and with electric safety 73/23 EEC (LVD).